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Welcome to Szeged, a place where you will immerse yourself in the world of Hungarian flavors, amazing experiences, and exceptional service. You can find the best Hungarian products for every taste and occasion, no matter if you throw a party and want to surprise your guests, or throw a quiet family dinner and want to please your beloved family. We will do our best to help you fulfill all your wishes.

Our shop ‘Szeged’

Tarnowskie Gory

Our shop ‘Szeged’


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In our assortment you will find many varieties of regional sausages and cold cuts. The delicate spicy aroma and impeccable cooking will surely excite your appetite. We are confident that you will find what you are looking for. Contact us to get more information.

Great wines are an integral part of Hungarian cuisine. You can buy the original Tokaj in several varieties and your favorite wines from the Eger Valley.

The unique taste and aroma of Austrian cheeses is a tradition of local regions, especially Alpine ones. In our store, you can be convinced of their naturalness and uniqueness. In our assortment you can find about 50 types of different cheeses, so we invite you to try.

The best products of Hungary in one place

Our main goal is to provide our customers with a wide range of products, comfort and quality. With us, the buyer has the opportunity to make purchases at a convenient time. Therefore, our logistics works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, delivering the best goods from Hungary for you. We are the only place where you can find everything at once without wasting precious time searching for goods. Every day we work to attract as many customers as possible, so we always listen to your opinion and try to satisfy all your needs.

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We work hard and do not waste time

We are constantly working on improvement and quality. Our goal is to adapt to all the needs of our clients. We go forward and do everything to make our customers happy. Our team is ready to help 24/7. We appreciate the smiles of our guests. Our main priorities are high quality and freshness of products. We also care about a positive atmosphere in our stores. See you soon at our store!


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  • Pick Teli salami – 106.97zł
  • Deer salami – 79.07zł
  • Palotas with red wine – 52.58zł
  • Lohusos kolbasz – 46.97zł
  • Vandor – 37.84zł


  • Petreny Caber/ Sauv. Superior – 172.69zł
  • Tokaj Aszu 6 putt. – 144.46zł
  • Petreny Merlot Superior – 101.29zł
  • Petreny Battonage 2012 – 59.78zł
  • Petreny Arany Muskotaly 2018 – 31.55zł


  • Bergkase – 218.99zł
  • Rotholzer Ziegencamembert – 197.02zł
  • Camembert Walnuss Bio – 189.69zł
  • Bavaria Blu – 131.75zł
  • Graukase Minilai Jung – 113.53zł

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A large selection of different brands for every taste

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